Mental Fitness Challenge – Create new habits!

It’s been a week since I wrote the article about Claude Hamilton and the Team’s Policy Counsel launching their flagship product, the “Mental Fitness Challenge”. I must say I was expecting great things from this product and my expectations were well founded! There are so many people leaving comments on the different leaders Blogs about how they are already seeing results after only two weeks involved on the 90 days challenge. If you want to view some of these comments I’ve added links to some of the RT and PC members blogs on my homepage. I strongly recommend that you click and read through them and you’ll witness some great stories of personal victories.

Research has shown that “eight in ten (78%) of Canadians have failed to keep passed resolutions; only two in ten (22%) of us have managed to keep all of  our resolutions in the past. These statistics come from a recent Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of Sun Life Financial, the title of the article was “Canadians Quick to Make New Year’s Resolutions, But Slow to See Them Through”.

You have to admit that those statistics are very revealing and strongly support  what Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward have been telling us all along: “It’s mind over body”. Is it that the resolutions were not worth keeping or that most of us don’t have the mental discipline to actually follow through? How many of us know people who don’t follow through on their commitments? You might know a father who’s been telling his wife and kids for the last few years that he’ll take them away on a camping trip but it never happens. It’s maybe even gotten to the point that the children don’t even ask anymore.

Last year I witnessed something very sad, one of my good friends (names will remain anonymous to protect the guilty!)  had been promising his daughter he’d finish a room for her in the basement. One night I was visiting and the conversation turned to the basement room, his daughter (10 years old at the time) said “Ya he’s been promising to finish a room for me but like all his other promises they never happen!”. Needless to say I was caught off guard. The sad part in this story wasn’t only the lack of commitment or the obvious lack of respect that this little girl had for her father but his wife who was present couldn’t even jump in and defend my friend. Don’t get me wrong I’m totally against  children disrespecting their parents but how many times did this little girl have to sit there and listen to her father talk the talk but never walk the walk?

On the flip side of this coin I have another story. Over the last few years I’ve had the great honor of mentoring with Claude Hamilton and one thing he’s thought me is that it doesn’t matter if it’s a small commitment or a big one, a commitment is a commitment! Late last spring my wife Sonia, my daughter Olivia and myself were driving back from Ottawa on a road trip where my mother had given Olivia a trampoline as a gift.  This voyage is a twelve to fourteen hours drive so if you have children you can surely appreciate the great degree of patience and creativity needed to keep a 2-year-old entertained for twelve hours. As a bribe I told Olivia if she was good I’d set up the trampoline and we’d go jump on it that same night once we got home. After being on the road from two A.M. to four P.M. we finally arrived in the little town where we now reside. We stopped in for supper at Sonia parent’s house and everyone except Sonia were surprised when I advised everyone that we were in a hurry to get home so that I could follow through on the commitment I had made to my two-year old daughter. We got home, I spent the next hour setting up the trampoline and Olivia got to jump on it for approximately fifteen minutes before heading to bed.

I know you might be thinking “she was just two years old, was it really that important to set it up that night?” You’re right, she probably wouldn’t have even noticed or remembered my promise and I could have just set it up the next day and she would have been as happy, but I would have noticed and known that I wasn’t following through. I have Claude to thank for helping me incorporate that great principle in my life.

We could list off a bunch scenarios of people who haven’t followed through but the point I’m trying to make is that there’s a serious need in today’s society for men and women who will follow through on commitments. As Orrin Woodward as often said “Anyone can find problems but it takes leaders to find solutions”. With the self-assessment test  you have the tools to identify problem areas and then the solution is to take the “90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge” which has been setup to help us create new habits in our lives that will on a daily basis take us closer and closer to “Living The Life We’ve Always Wanted“.

Albert Einstein once said “the definition of  insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If what you’re doing today isn’t giving you the results you want, It’s time to change! Take the Challenge, and take a front row seat to your victory!

Boldly pursue excellence,


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78 thoughts on “Mental Fitness Challenge – Create new habits!

  1. Valerie

    Mike it’s a great post. I totally agree with you about keeping our words on what we say we’ll do.
    Great job!

    • Thanks Val, once again thank you for opening your home for us last night to the challenge group! it was an awesome night!

      • Valerie

        Anytime! Our location is always open ! It was a great big group last night! I think it will be a success having those challenge groups every two weeks. I think it may help people a LOT of people, including myself, relate more to people and make connections. It was great earing people talk yesterday. You start to see people in a different way than a suit and tie.

      • Paul

        Yes thanks for the use of your home Val

  2. Kirk O'Neill

    Great article Mike! You nailed it with mental discipline. Such a key ingredient in following through. Too often in our busy lives we address everything that seems urgent taking us in tangents away from our goals. MFC is the key! Thanks Mike!


  3. Awesome post Mike. Your story sets a great example of making promises to your children and keeping them. The mental fitness challenge will help people stick to their resolutions and promises.

  4. melissadrover

    Great post Mike! You’ve done an awesome job showing the importance of improving our mental fitness; no better way than through the new Mental Fitness Challenge!

  5. Andrew Learmouth

    Great blog Mike, the real llfe examples you give are great. Far to often people dont follow through on their promise. The Mental Fotness Challange can help so many people.

  6. Roger & Marie-Germaine

    Fantastic blog. Some children do remember special moments that happened when they were extremely young. Olivia might someday tell you about that night with wonder in her eyes. What if…?

  7. This is a great post Mike! I love that you relate through real life stories. You are right, if people would follow through on their commitment we’d have a stronger society.

  8. Scott Staley

    Great post! I love the stories that you shared – and I think you’re bang on, in that repetition is the key here for good and bad examples. Leaders (people who inspire others) do those things which are uncomfortable in the moment but life is made up of those small moments – particularly for our children. I think you’re setting an awesome example and building a legacy with them about what to expect in their future. Great job!

  9. Sonia

    Hey Mike! Great job with this post. Proud of you for keeping your promises to our children. You teach them a lot and you also teach ME a lot.

  10. Trent Crane

    Wonderful post Mike!

    The examples you describe help to paint a real picture of how important it is to stick to you commitments.

    The Mental Fitness Challenge will make huge changes in lots of peoples lives.

  11. Hey Mike, congrats on the new blog and great start! The launch of the MFC has been incredible and I’ve just been receiving text after text of people that LOVED the Challenge Groups last night. This is going to be an incredible ride!

  12. Dyson Waterbury

    Wow Mike, that is an awesome example of mental discipline and commitment. Every where a person looks today there are examples of broken commitment, from flossing ones teeth to marital relationships. Many people would rather develope a bad habit than a good one. Being true to ones word and following through on commitments is just a habit.

  13. Marcel+Renee Boudreau

    Great post mike! The MFC challenge will be impactful to so many people in so many ways.
    Keep up the great articles.

  14. Paul

    Mike, You and Sonia did amazing job last night kicking of our first Challenge group!


  15. donna durelle

    The MFC is an awesome way for people to change their LIFE !! They could be Living the Life they Always Wanted !!!!!!!!!1

  16. Luc Bourque

    Great example of following through on a commitment with your daugther! Thank you for sharing your great thoughts in this post and at last night’s challenge.

  17. Nathalie Waterbury

    Excellent blog Mike, the MFC is definelty the start to each and every one of us living the life we always wanted.

  18. armand durelle

    This is the best Challenge anyone could give themselves. The Mental Fitness Challenge makes a person challenge their minds like nothing else out there !!

  19. This is great to see another blog post already. It’s such a gift to know you guys and see the example you provide and how you live what you teach, and don’t expect what you won’t inspect. Can’t wait for the future under your guys’ servant leadership with MFC and LIFE!!!

  20. Darcy & Tobi Bennett

    Awesome article, Mike! Keep it up!

  21. teamhomard

    Thanks for the reminder Mike. I try hard to be the example I want my children to learn from. Gotta walk the walk, if I’m gonna talk the talk. I’ve been putting off a small task for my daughter for too long now, something that’ll take only fifteen minutes or so to solve. I won’t wait any longer. I want to be the person, you can always count on

    I’m with Team because I know there’s always going to be someone, in one way or another, to help me see where I can improve on myself. Not only on CDs and in books, but I also happen to live in an area known for producing some of the very best leaders Team has to offer, you and Sonia happen to be a great example, you’ve touched upon more folks than you can imagine. Your evolution of excellence never sleeps (=^_^=)

  22. nancygray83

    The first Challenge meeting went great! Wasn’t sure how it would go, but am really pleased of how it’s turning out to be. Looking forward to the next ones. I love the articles on everybody’s blogs, it’s nice to see familiar faces and beautiful picture by the way! See you soon!


  23. Pierre and Lise Richard

    Awesome post! I love the fact that we are learning new habits to become better parents and that our friends can learn these same habits so that they also can become better parents. Together we are gonna raise a huge community of awesome parents 🙂

  24. andredegrace

    Great post Mike! Glad to see you blogging!

  25. Pierre Richard

    Truly proud to be associated with such a great couple. Thanks for your continued leadership and support.


  26. Joe Bowden

    Great post about the MFC, this product is really gonna change people lives for the better!

  27. Crystal O'Neill

    Great post Mike! I would also like to comment on the first Mental Fitness Challenge group. It is something that will help keep people on track which is much needed in our busy lives. It is a breath of fresh air to be around positive people with one main goal in mind which is to change our life first and help others to do the same if they wish. We are following people who walk the talk and who do not claim to be perfect or to have it all figured out. We are all on the same path learning and growing along the way!

    • Crystal, you’re so right! Positive influences are very important.

    • Dyson Waterbury

      Well said Crystal! The challenge groups are a nice addition to the MFC as a whole. Its nice to hear what other have to say.

      • Nathalie Waterbury

        I really enjoyed the challenge groups and looking forward to the next group meeting. I see the value in having other peoples opinions on what we all are learning at the same time.

  28. Phil Wall

    Great post Mike, Bang on. A Great read! A life lived without character is a life not lived. Lead on!

  29. Well done, Mike! Great to see you blogging. You’re such an excellent example for all of us to follow!

  30. Way to go Mike, I’ll always cheer for you!!!

    I make it a point now to not be like the average canadian. I have learned to take charge of my mental fitness on a daily basis thanks to Orrin woodward, Chis Brady and all the PC Council founders of LIFE and let’s be even more for almost 20 years in the Team “System”. I’ve been learning & applying all I’ve learned over the past 3 years from this very sysem & now LIFE still yet in diapers things have never been so exiting!!!!

    In passing for all readers of Team/LIFE blogs. I have been fighting a medical battle af my life with a spinal cord serious condition for over a year now asside from my faith in God, my wife, Doctors. Therapists ect…
    I can attest that the LIFE subriptions along with Team system have kept my Mental Fitness intact for my lenghtful recovery. And now with this new MFC. WATCH ME run towards my biggest wildest dreams…

    A Leader in the making your crossline friend,


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